Sheet Music

Online Resources

Shay’s List of tunes we have played in the last few years Inspired by the Tucson Traditional Tune Book (itself listed below):

Some valuable online resources for just printing off music are:

JC’s Tune Finder  (You must install software to translate musical ABC notation into regular staff sheet music.)

The Session  (many thousands of tunes, but rarely contain chords)

The Spuds (a contra dance open band in Philadelphia, with a real nice online tune collection)

Handy Books

Traditional-Tune-Book (download 7 mb) Portland Collection 1  &  Portland Collection 2 Fiddler’s Fake Book The Waltz Book & The Waltz Book II & The Waltz Book III Carpilation (Carp Camp Collection) – an obscure source where sometimes a very elusive tune in the Tucson repertoire can be found 😉

Stand alone tunes

Purple Lilies – a locally written Tohono O’Odham tune moderately popular with old timey musicians in Pima County. Purple lilies with a harmony part, harmony by John Beland of the Arthritis Brothers String Band in Cochise County.

Meet and Play

The Tucson open band draws from a lot of sheet music sources, depending on who the anchor musicians are that night. Warm ups for TFTM open band dances have generally been held Tuesday or Wednesday night in the week prior to the dance, in a member’s or organizer’s home, where an idea of which tunes are going to be called will be roughed out, but not carved in stone, and then emailed out.  In light of the new/revived public jams, this warm up schedule is subject to change. The set list of tunes for SARDASA pickup band dances are coordinated between the caller & an anchor musician and emailed out, and then the musicians chew on them at the new/revived public jams, held twice a month – Traditional Old Time Music Open Jams are held every 2nd & 4th Friday, 6:00pm-8:00pm, at Bookman’s at Speedway/Wilmot (map)