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Set List for June 14 Dance, warm-up Jam June 13

Please join us for the warm-up jam on June 13

Set List for June 14, 2014

(Download PDF)

Grand Promenade:Red Wing G

Sung Call:

There’s a Tavern in the Town C  PDF (Thanks to

English Country Dance:

Listen: I Care Not for These Ladies C and D, PDF-in-CPDF-in-D

Called Waltz:

Listen: Margaret’s Waltz A  PDF


Jump at the Sun Dm / Morrison’s Em

Road to Listoonvarna Em / My Darling Asleep D

Out on the Ocean G / Fair Jenny D

Tripping Up The Stairs D / Moon & Seven Stars D

Jenny Lind Polka  Listen  PDF


South Wind D

Listen: Lover’s Waltz PDF-in-G-and-D


Reels for Contras 118 beats/min:Possum Up A Gumstump G / Johnny Johnny Don’t Get Drunk D

Bus Stop Am / Swinging on a Gate G

Cold Frosty Morning Am / Father Kelley’s G

Turkey in the Straw G / Old Mother Flanagan A

Merry Blacksmith D / Mason’s Apron A

Flowers of Edinburgh G / Old Grey Cat Em

Petronella D / Goodbye Liza Jane D

Whiskey before Breakfast D / Golden Slippers G


Reels for Squares 130 beats/min:

Angeline the Baker D / Nixon’s Farewell D

Sara Armstrong’s D / Sandy Boys A

Girl I left Behind Me G / Liberty D

Sadie at the Back Door D / Waiting for Nancy A

Arkansas Traveler D/ Nail that Catfish to at Tree G

Aura Lee G/ Johnny Cope Amix

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine D  / St Annes’ Reel D