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Upcoming Jams 5/23 & 6/13, Upcoming Dance 6/14


Neal Schlein, caller



Hi everyone,

Coming up on Saturday, June 14th is another Barn Dance, with music provided by the Old Pueblo Pick-up Players.  (Elsewhere known as the TFTM Open Band.)
I’m moving to Illinois on July 1st, and this will probably be my last gig in Arizona.  I’d love to see you all, either on the dance floor or in the band, one last time.
Join us at the Old Pueblo Square Dance Center to play for the second (or third, depending on how you count ’em) Tucson barn dance.  The band will share a 50% cut of the proceeds.  Invite all your friends to come so you can fleece them.
Date: June 14

Old Pueblo Square Dance Center

Tom Crisp, caller

Tom Crisp, caller



613 Delano (south of Ft. Lowell and First Avenue)
Band sets up at 6:00
Dance starts at 7:00 or earlier
Callers: Tom Crisp and Neal Schlein
Band: Old Pueblo Pick-up Players (that means you!!!)
Cost: $5/dancer or $15/family
A tune set will mailed out soon, mostly pulled from Shay’s List.  Any requests for inclusions or exclusions are welcome.
Please let me know if you plan on attending, just so I don’t stress about having enough players.

Also, don’t forget the OB Jam Session at Bookmans on Friday May 23rd at 6:00PM, and again on May 23 & June 13th.  It’s like a virtual rehearsal!  😉
Finally, and like last time, thank you to TFTM for generously lending sound equipment and providing advertising assistance, and to the Merry Mixers Square Dance Club for use of the dance hall.
I hope to see you on the 14th.
Neal Schlein

Barn-Square-Contra Dance, Open/Pickup Band, Neal Schlein Calling

SARDASA  Barn / Square / Contra Dance

When: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Southern Arizona Square and Round Dance Association
Old Pueblo Dance Center
613 E. Delano St., Tucson, AZ. (1 blk so of Ft. Lowell)

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For the May 10th dance we're pulling from Shay's list of commonly played tunes, with the addition of She'll be Coming Round the Mountaion, & Oh, Susannah!

Type Title

Reel  Red Haired Boy

Reel  Liberty

Reel  Angeline Baker

Reel  Johnny Johnny Don't Get Drunk

Jig     Out on the Ocean

Reel  St. Annes' Reel 

Jig     Fair Jenny 

Reel  June Apple 

Waltz Midnight on the Water 

Reel  Cold Frosty Morning 

Reel  Goodbye Liza Jane 

Slide Road to Lisdoonvarna 

Reel  Sandy Boys

Jig     Tobin's Favorite 

Reel  Gaspe Reel 

Jig     Kesh Jig

Reel  Whiskey Before Breakfast 

Reel  Golden Slippers

Jig     Irishman's Heart to the Ladies 

Reel  Soldiers Joy 

Reel  St. Antoine 

Jig     Star above the Garter

Reel  Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine 

Reel  Johnny Cope 

Reel  Kitchen Gal 

Polka Patty Cake Polka/Jenny Lynde

Waltz       Ashoakan Farewell


Since most of that is the key of D, from further down the list are some of my favorites in minor keys which I'd like to have for musical variety :

Reel         Bus Stop Reel

Reel         Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman

Reel         Cliffs of Moher

Waltz       Star of the County Down  (often played as a march)


She'll be Coming Round the Mountaion

Oh, Susannah!


We are still seeking a lead musician this month to keep us all together cheeky


Neal has kindly offered his home for a warmup session, on Thursday May 8th @ 7:00. Please see email or contact Neal for address, and please let Neal know by Wednesday if you plan to come to warmup session.

On Saturday, building opens at 6:00pm for setup.  Dance starts at 7:00pm, or earlier if enough musicians and dancers are ready and eager.